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Educational Piano Games for Preschool Children

Nomi Music app is an educational mobile game for iOS and Android. It is built by professional educators and designed to teach preschool children how to play the piano. The game is built on the blockchain, ensuring a secure and transparent learning experience.

Nomi Music app features a highly effective, peer-reviewed teaching method that has been tested and proven to help children learn music faster and more efficiently.

Nomi app is focused on delivering educational solutions in music education that combines the latest tech and teaching method from true professionals.

We are making music education fun, effective and accessible

What is Nomi
Music app?

Nomi Music app is an educational mobile game that teaches preschool children how to play the piano through fun and interactive games. Our game is built on the blockchain, ensuring that your child's progress is secure and verifiable. Our game is designed by professional educators who have years of experience teaching young children how to play music. Join the thousands of parents who have already introduced their children to the world of music through Nomi Music app.

The AD Method

One of the main reasons is the approach to the child and the gamification of the educational materials. The children first play and then learn about what they did through strategically designed games, sounds, colors and songs. The method has been reviewed by experts in the fields of piano pedagogy and psychology and they gave it the highest grades. 

The method is appropriate for very young children who can’t read or write, and it also helps develop memory, deductive and motor skills, rhythm and ear training.

Unique, tested teaching method

The value in this app is mostly because of the method that was created and approved by experts. We are also attracting the market by using the latest technologies and principles like blockchain. 

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