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Building the Future of Music Education

Educational piano games for preschool children, built by professional educators on the blockchain.
NomiEA, Nomi Educational App is a mobile, music learning game for ios and android, built around a highly effective, peer-reviewed teaching method.

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Gamified music education

Gaming in education has incredible potential.

Nomi Educational App is focused on delivering educational solutions in music education that combines the latest tech and teaching method from true professionals. 

Children will learn to play piano by playing fun educational games

They will learn about music and basic music theory

By playing music challenges, children can perfect their skill and have more fun

By playing Nomi games, players collect tokens.

The parents can then exchange these tokens for new games and challenges.

Climb the leaderboards and unlock special awards

Collect special digital assets (NFTs) that enhance the game experience

Explore Our Game

Discover the world of Nomi Educational App and immerse your child in a fun and interactive music learning experience. Our educational piano games are designed by professional educators to help preschool children develop their musical skills and creativity. With NomiEA App, your child will learn at their own pace and have fun along the way. 

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Unlock Your Child's Musical Potential

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We are making music education fun, effective and accessible

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“Nomi app is not just a mobile game for iOS and android. It’s a gamified learning platform for preschool, made by real teachers.”

Ana Drazul – Founder

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